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With the rapid adoption of online courses in higher education, wholly online programs are increasing in number. When degree programs are conducted online, unique administrative and faculty challenges emerge.

Strategic planning should include academic continuity and regulatory/state authorization. These are crucial elements for sustainability of programs, just as important as curriculum development and market research. Both functions can be integrated with campus operations but almost always require custom research and planning due to the differences between on-campus and online processes.

The more obvious differences with on-ground programs are in the location and interaction of students and faculty. They cannot be called to convocation, at least not in the traditional sense. But they can enjoy community and a sense of belonging. Structuring the experience for student engagement requires new forms of advising, conversing, and celebrating. We help meet the need through creation of a Student Commons, the online equivalent of a student union in the middle of a campus.

The faculty experience is just as challenging. Most online education programs utilize adjunct or contingent faculty. We recommend (and have built) a Faculty Commons to meet the training needs of this specialized work force as well as ongoing community support.

 Strategy, Planning, and Project Management for:
Academic Continuity
Regulatory & State Authorization
Faculty & Staffing for Online Programs
Accreditation & Program Review
LMS Selection & Migration
ePortfolio Selection & Coordination
Student & Faculty Commons

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